SaRonix-eCera Shandong project

The project consists of an R & D building, and factory, using the client’s product, quartz oscillator, as the initial idea. It adopts the glass curtain embedded into the building envelope, to symbolize the principle of the crystallization oscillator. The second glass behind the curtain wall uses fritted glass as an image of a semiconductor, as well as interprets the full service of IC design & the oscillator. The transparency of the quartz also represents the profile of the client’s sincerity.

 The dormitory uses balconies and building volume as an in and out concept to show the comparison, and create rhythms on the elevations. The grille on the balcony integrates the greenery of the exterior landscape to create a shading, comfortable living environment. The building envelope uses color and material changes to echo the function of the spaces and depict multilayer vocabulary.

The landscape uses the height of the northwest and southeast direction to unify with the circulation system, and naturally frames out different themes that assemble a multidimensional outdoor space for recreation and view-watching, together with the building.

Location:Jinan City, Shandong Province

Structural system:Framing system/RC

Site area:9,079 ㎡

Building coverage:9,810㎡

Total floor area:31,668㎡

No. of stories:地下一层、地上四层

Cost: 约新台币75,300,000元

Design period:2008.1 ~ 2008.8

Const. period:2009.10 ~ 2010.7

Category: Manufacturing

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