Sanya Tropical Resort Hotel

The Sanya Tropical Resort Hotel sits at the intersection of two major roadways entering downtown Sanya, a resort city in Hainan Province, China's largest tropical island province, famous for its expansive stretches of picturesque sandy beaches and mild weather all year round. Operating in a competitive market. the client expects this resort to set itself apart from other beach resorts through its unique features and thoughtful design.


Located inland, some distance from the scenic coastline, the resort hotel has to create attractions of its own to generate tourism as well as capitalize on the land value. The resort utilizes a water park theme to take advantage of the on-site underground hot springs. In order to maximize the privacy of the different programs while minimizing sightline interference, the high-rise hotel complex is sited to the south, facing the boulevard with landmark distinction, whereas the upscale guest suite clusters are located along the east and west boundaries of the triangular-shaped site. The hotel's double-loaded corridor layout allows for large fenestrations with views towards the exterior scene or the courtyard. The semi-outdoor terraces at the elevator lobby introduce natural light and refreshing breezes to enhance the vacation atmosphere.


One of the most prominent features of the guest room design is the 10-meter-long private •sky pool• on each balcony. These elaborately designed private pools given each individual guest room in the high-rise tower a touch of the tropical resort lifestyle. Natural ventilation through the balcony, cooled by the sky pool water,
further enhances the indoor air quality as well as energy efficiency.


Shaped by the intensive program criteria and strict code requirements, the twin tower adopts a stepped outline resembling the profile of a traditional Balinese gateway to the temples. Vertical greenery on the facade is achieved through the placement of planter boxes at each level. Wooden grills outside the veranda frame views from the guest rooms while screening off exterior-mounted mechanical equipment. Operable doors and windows along the guest rooms' and reception lobby's deep balcony recess allow for natural ventilation and the penetration of natural light throughout the day. Well design architectural details make the resort compatible with the vernacular environment while the carefully selected finishing materials and color schemes enhance the local tropical island theme.


The guest suites fully integrate with the surroundings through the use of green roofs for their energy-conserving insulation and water-retention properties. All the waste water from the resort is treated through a water-recycling biotope and can be reused to irrigate the gardens and the green roofs. The outdoor landscaped gardens, lush with indigenous plants and ecological ponds, exemplify the project's sensitivity to Hainan's natural environment.

Location:Sanya city, Hainan

Structural system:RC & SS

Site area:23,287㎡

Building coverage:6,237㎡

Total floor area:78,391㎡

No. of stories:Main Building 2 below, 15 above grades、Spa building6 above grades

No. of rooms: 531

Category: Hospitality

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