Sanchong Plant, Leader Air Condition Co., Ltd.

Located in Taipei County, the site is adjacent to a 37m wide road in the south and bordered by a steel plant on the west. With completion of the 12m road, the site is connected to a park from the east, overlooking a historical temple at a distance.

Measures like incentives from providing additional parking spaces and transferring development rights are applied to increase floor area. Building height is increased to reduce building coverage ratio, and enhanced green landscapes embellish the surrounding environment. Additional parking spaces relieve the problem of insufficient public parking, aiming to improve the quality of the neighbor.

The building is sculptured on the basis of a single mass with a podium on the east. A roof garden on top of the balcony overlooks the park. Trellises on the roof connecting the penthouse highlight the outline of the tower. With projecting light at night, the project will become an important landmark amongst the new skylines of Taipei city.

Location:Taipei County

Structural system:钢筋混凝土+钢构

Site area:3979㎡

Building coverage:1736㎡

Total floor area:29176.44㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 15 above grade

Design period:2008.08 ~ 2009.12

Const. period:2010.12 ~ 2012.08

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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