Ring of Celestial Bliss

There is a Chinese phrase, “Blessings as high as the sky” that is vividly and thoroughly conveyed in all aspects of this design. In this spirit, the main lantern for 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival is aptly themed “Ring of Celestial Bliss.” From the outside, the lantern appears as a glowing object hovering in the night, a feat achieved through the special and innovative design of the steel structure. Inside the lantern, a ring of ever-moving images produced by the latest projection technology and LED lighting serves as a metaphor for nature’s endless cycle of life and inspire hope for the future.


The choice of form and materials used for the lantern is inspired by the historical and cultural characteristics of Hsinchu, whose ancient name was the “City of Bamboo Walls.” While reusable steel is the primary structural component, the outer cladding consists of bamboo trunks. The inner projection screen is made of recycled materials, and bamboo tubes are used as a permeable flooring material. After the lantern festival, the steel will be reused for the covered court structure of an Elementary School in Taitung. The bamboo will be collected after the end of the festival and donated to “Earth Passengers” workshop to build environmental education classrooms in Taitung. The bamboo tubes will decompose into part of nature becoming nutrients for the ecosystems. The screen will be made into 800 in 30x30cm environmentally-friendly bags to avoid waste. The locally sourced construction materials have the additional advantage of being environment-friendly with a reduced carbon emissions footprint.


“Ring of Celestial Bliss,” inspired by local characteristics and executed with Taiwanese technology and design, conveys a profound respect for nature while providing an auspicious vision for the future.



Jury Awards, Architizer A+ Awards

Popular Choice Awards, Architizer A+ Awards

Location:Hsinchu Station, Taiwan High Speed Rail

Design period:2012.10 – 2012.12

Const. period:2012.12 – 2013.02

Awards: Jury Awards, Architizer A+ Awards、Popular Choice Awards, Architizer A+ Awards、1st Prize, CSR Award for Environment Protection, Global Views Monthly

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Sport / Leisure

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