Research and Innovation-Incubation Center, National Chengchi University

Located on the hill section of the southern campus and flanked by Huanshan 2nd Road, the site possesses the commanding height of the whole campus with a broad open view. Situated on the end point of the existing campus axis, the project constitutes the visual focus and a striking landmark in this area. (Fig. 1-xxx)

The plan adopts a double atrium courtyard configuration, introducing natural light and ventilation by staggered volumes. Two atriums give shape to a unique spatial interaction. Open staircases linking the upper and lower levels and lounge platforms along outdoor porches at circulation nodes create a social spot for researchers. The ground floor consists of a reception, indoor and outdoor café, landscape platform, exhibition room, video production room, lecture room, and a 200-seat auditorium. The second floor comprises mainly classrooms, offices, and research center workshops; the entire third floor is dedicated to laboratories, the fourth and fifth floors to project team and personal research cubicles. The basement is used for car parks and utilities rooms. (Fig. 2-xxx)

The building mass is arranged with a variation of heights along the topography of the site. The bright and dark contrasting colors of the exterior materials reflect the basic spirit of the research center – interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue between humanities and technology. The light-colored, conspicuous, vigorous mass symbolizes the free spirit of the humanistic academia. The dark, simple and composed mass represents the precision and exactitude of the technology field. The two spirits converge and interact on the central tower, serving as a knowledge landmark to different research realms. (Fig. 3-xxx)

Location:Wenshan District, Taipei

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:12,000㎡

Building coverage:3,440㎡

Total floor area:15,970㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 521,820,000

Design period:2009.11 ~ 2012. 05

Const. period:2012.06 ~ 2014. 12

Category: Education、Landscape、R&D

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