Renovation of Arts & Media Center for the Overseas Radio & Television Inc.

The existing building is located on Bei-An Road in Da-Chih District of Taipei City, adjacent to the Shih-Jien University campus. Designed in the 1960’s, the building is composed of a circular structure in steel and a rectangular structure in reinforced concrete. In the early days it provided an important contribution towards the teaching of English, but the building has since deteriorated, nor can it functionally fulfill much of the modern day needs. Hence the renovation project to provide it with a new life.

Utilizing the existing structural frame, our firm redesigned the interior and placed the Television Division, the Choral Division and the Reproduction Studios and offices within the circular structure, and created a circular corridor dramatically lit with skylights to provide a bright and cheerful working environment for the staff. A mezzanine is added in the middle where height permits and subdivided with glazed partitions for several offices and a lounge. The rectangular structure is revised to contain a TV filming studio in accordance with NC35 standards and a recording studio which fulfills NC20 calibre, both studios are used to produce broadcasting and teaching programs, they may also be rented for use by other organizations.

Exterior design employs shapes suggestive of round flying saucer to symbolize the rapid, boundless quality of broadcasting programs, while ample open space and a plaza around the building provides the neighborhood with a fresh and pleasant environment. Total floor area of the project is 1,800 sq.m. and the construction cost is NT$65,000,000. Completed in April, 1998.

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Culture/Exhibition、Religious

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