Renovation for the Recreation Center of Feng-Chia University

The Recreation Center is a 30 year-old building, with an auditorium at the center surrounded by three floors of offices belonging to various student societies. The building has been altered many times and currently also suffers a leaking roof, the university hopes to improve its appearance and develop its images as a student activity center.

As the interior space is still in full use, our design is limited to the renovation of exterior walls above the second floor level, and the job must be carried out in three months during the summer vacation. This time limit plus cost constraint thus form and important design consideration. As the existing building is surrounded by corridors with a complicated exterior enclosure without any clear meaning, we felt it inadequate merely to repair the exterior walls; besides, since the student center is lively with all kinds of events at night as well as in the daytime, the building should have a quality of openness, and lighting will help strengthen the continuity of indoor/outdoor spaces, thus our design concepts are:

  1. The addition of an outdoor stair is for students on the 2nd and 3rd floors to have a direct connection to the campus grounds.

  3. The creation of a new exterior enclosure by using state of the art metal frames and baked enamel perforated panels to create a modern visual language, reduce cost and simultaneously shorten construction time.

  5. While the new modular metal panels functionally replace the existing windows, a new extended metal canopy supported by steel posts thus protecting the corridors from rain and, at the same time, a linear skylight along the inner edge of the canopy ensures adequate brightness for the corridors.

  7. The addition of a bulletin board as an integral part of the ground floor structural post, as a design variation which also fulfills a practical need. The color is silver gray to harmonize with the densely wooded campus surrounding.

The construction cost of the renovation building is NT$38,500,000, work was completed in October 2000.

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Education、Sport / Leisure

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