R&D Headquarters, TOYO Electric Huizhou

The project is located in Huiyang District with great location and ease of transportation. The client’s business is on manufacturing and exporting of Christmas lighting products, with total exporting value ranks among the top 100 in Shenzhen areas. In completion, the facility is expecting to facilitate local economic growth and becoming the leader of the light industry in southern China.

The main office building stands in the middle, flanked respectively by the cafeteria building and dormitory, that forms a welcoming plaza. The plaza bridges the public space outside the campus and shows a friendly attitude. The office building’s concept reflects on the client’s product, Christmas string illumination. The design morphology displays a flowing louvre system escalates from the landscape to the canopy and then flows the entire building envelop to not only creates a diverse shape of balconies based on the user’s needs but implies the structure of lighting ornaments and avoids sunlight exposure. The interior lighting automatically adjusts in accordance with daylight to symbolize a beacon of Huizhou all day long.

The campus consists of 2 dormitories, 4 fabrication plants, 4 warehouses, and affiliated facilities. The layout not only takes advantages of the local climate and transportation but expedites the production process and create a coherent environment for the staff. The colored seasonal plantings fashion the context of the campus landscape to complete a sustainable campus, which communicates with the surrounding environment in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Together they exemplified a new industrial era where industry/environment/society coexist for mutual benefit.

Location:Huiyang Distrcit, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Structural system:RC

Site area:113,926 m²

Building coverage:43,158 m²

Total floor area:192,388 m²

No. of stories:1 below, 6 above grade

Cost:NT$ 1,764,955,000

Design period:2015.12 ~ 2016.06

Const. period:2016.07 ~ 2018.05

Category: Manufacturing

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