Radiation and Proton Therapy Center, Nation Taiwan University

In December, 2008, Yong Lin Health Foundation Committee signed a “Donation Agreement” with National Taiwan University, to build a high quality Cancer Treatment Hospital with a Radiation Science & Proton Therapy Center, as well as a Biomedical Engineering Building where they will collaborate with the university in study and research. These series of donation plans emphasize the importance of clinical tests as well as specialists’ studies, carried out via a humanistic environment, forming a mutually supportive axis of biomedical engineering studies.

In order to carry out the foremost international radiation treatments for outpatients as well as clinical tests in a humanistic environment, Taiwan University further offered 7,018 square meter of campus land on the south side of the Cancer Treatment Hospital to build the “Radiation Science & Proton Healing Center”, so that teachers and students from various university departments may also participate in the research.

The site of the project is situated at the junction of Taipei City and the base of the Toad Mountain, various horizontal and vertical parts of the building extend toward the mountain which, along with roof gardens, create a harmonious relationship between Man and Nature, further endows an interesting view for the campus.

Location:Daan District, Taipei City

Structural system:RC with partial SS

Site area:7,018㎡

Building coverage:2,540㎡

Total floor area:21,235㎡

No. of stories:3 below 5 above grade

Cost:Approximately NT$ 1,540,000,000

Design period:2013.09 ~ 2019.11

Category: Healthcare

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