Q-BUS Design Plant, Tech-Well (Shanghai) Computer Co., Ltd.

Design scope:

This campus is situated in an industrial area, to build an independent technology campus, consisting of work, offices, training, educating, and manufacturing management. The plan is to take advantage of local features of Songjiang District, by effectively using local human resources. The project is also expected to escalate the profits, as well as develop techniques, and facilitate the prosperity of the neighborhood. The targets are as follows:

-Build an independent technology campus.

-Create an ample and comfortable working space.

-Form a landscape image of the campus with features.

-Fulfill the needs and functions of the professional divisions, respectively; efficiently escalate the fluency of the circulation system.

Location:Songjiang Export Processing Zones, Shanghai City

Structural system:RC, framing system

Site area:74,212㎡

Building coverage:32,324㎡

Total floor area:145,666㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 3 above grade (6 buildings in total)

Design period:2003.1 ~ 2003.8

Const. period:2003.9 ~ 2004.12

Category: Manufacturing

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