Primax Headquarters Building

Primax Corporation planned to build a new headquarters building which will serve as an administrative center for Primax and its business associates, the Destiny and Global Companies. The site, 3,515 sq.m. in area, is located in the Science & Technology Park of Neihu, Taipei City. The building will have twelve floors above grade and three floors below, with a total floors area of 21,772 sq.m. and a construction cost of NT$520,000,000 exclusive of interior furnishing, completed in October, 1999.
The site is level and borders on streets on three sides. The main entrance lobby is a three story high, circular shaped independent structure, located at the focal point of the site with a landscaped plaza and pool in front, and connected to the high-rise office tower at its east with a one story link. A curvilinear stairway in the lobby leads to the basement dining hall which is lit by a curved light well, where water from the pool flows down to the sunken garden. Service and staff entrances are located on the rear, north facade.


The ground floor of the administrative building is linked to the lobby and is used for exhibitions and conference. Second through twelfth floors contain typical offices organized on an 8.4m basic module, with a quarter-round open office facing the front plaza, vertical circulation and service core at the north, and executive office suites at the east, the three areas being connected by a circular lounge at the node. Office spaces are clearly defined as to function yet maintains adequate flexibility in use.


The basements contain a dining hall, a control center, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment rooms and parking garage for cars and motor cycles.
Exterior walls are granite and glass, with appropriate sun-screening where needed. Interior spaces are provided with fully automated control systems, thus projecting a high-tech, high-efficiency and forward looking image for the Primax Corporation.

Location:Neihu, Taipei

Structural system:RC

Site area:3,516㎡

Building coverage:1,266㎡

Total floor area:21,240㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 12 above grade

Cost:NT$ 520,000,000.00

Design period:1997. 3 ~ 1998. 12

Const. period:1998. 3 ~ 1999. 12

Category: Office、R&D

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