Polarizing Film Factory Phase I & II, Sumika Technology

Polarizing Film Factory of Sumika Technology was invested by its head company from Japan, Sumitomo Chemical Group. The project managed to incorporate production line into the factory space despite of challenges encountered on super-span structural system and construction techniques. To create comfortable working environment, the office is located on a mezzanine opening towards the main view. The exterior is composed by layers of metal panels in various colors to breakdown possible visual pressure caused by the massive scale.

Location:Southern Taiwan Science Park

Site area:102,942 ㎡

Building coverage:21,599 ㎡

Total floor area:35,600㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 4 above grade

Design period:2004.02~2004.09

Const. period:2004.03~2005.11

Category: Manufacturing

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