Plants, Polytronics Technology Corporation

This project occupies 0.65 hectares, flanking the Industrial East 7th Rd. The design extends the feature of the client’s product, cooling material, and transfers it into the façade design. Horizontal shading panels and a roof truss responds to the image of the company as well as the seasonal greenery on the ground, and connects the surrounding park and green boulevard to create a comfortable working environment.

 The factory layout maximizes the working space as a principle, leaving the equipment space on the northeast side to block the monsoon and supply the other equipment areas on the northern side. The office area is arranged at the southeast direction for a better view and natural lighting.

 The parking planning accommodates docks for 40 ft. and other sizes containers for the periodical loading needs. General parking for staff are arranged in the 1st level below grade. The elevated entrance on the ground floor fulfills the loading needs and integrates the canopy and the landscape to present the belief of coexisting with nature.


Structural system:RC / SS

Site area:6,321㎡

Building coverage:3,681㎡

Total floor area:20,793㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade


Design period:2010.7 ~ 2011.6

Const. period:2011.9

Category: Manufacturing

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