Plant Phase II, Delta Electronics, Inc.

Situated in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, this new building is designed for research and development purposes. The design principle is to uphold the client’s ideology and emphasis on a green and sustainable corporate culture. Along with the rise of green architecture, the project is executed to provide a green environment for Delta. Throughout the planning stages, many strategies are incorporated to allow the building to interact harmoniously with the surrounding environment, under the physical circumstances of sound, light, heat, air, and water, perfectly synthesizing architectural design and corporate philosophy. This project has been graded the Diamond label by Taiwan’s EEWH green building grading system.

Located on the north side of the Industrial Park, the construction site is connected to Huandong Road. The building is made up of two sections: a lecture hall that holds approximately two hundred people, and a plant for research and development. The lecture hall is situated at the end of the ecological staircase design of phase I. It is designed with a circular volume, creating an elegant yet majestic space. Continuing the spatial design of phase I, the project uses interweaving ecological volumes to create a green industrial zone. The design objective aims to achieve an “architecture that breathes,” using buoyancy-driven ventilation and pre-cooling system tactics to lower air conditioning costs. The plant follows natural orientation and utilizes shading devices, which lets an adequate amount of natural light in. The window openings make use of double low-E glass, and also incorporate the aesthetical language of phase I design. The elevator system comprises of permanent magnetic synchronous elevators that preserve energy, developed by Delta and Mingyang Elevator Company. The preserved energy is recycled, and along with solar panel generated electricity, is reused for other functions within the building. All of the interior lighting utilizes LED lighting manufactured by Delta, and automatic lighting control systems. Air conditioning employs an ice storage central system during off-peak hours. The roof platforms gather rain water and funnel it into the rainwater recycle pool, to be used in outdoor sprinkler systems and other sanitation equipment. Through its design, the project not only successfully exhibits the corporate ideology

Location:Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan

Structural system:RC and Steel

Site area:19,102 ㎡ (Phase I + Phase II)

Building coverage:3,962 ㎡

Total floor area:27,487 ㎡

No. of stories:5 floors above ground, 2 underground

Design period:2010.10 ~ 2011.2

Const. period:2011.3 ~ 2012.8

Awards: Outstanding Green Building Design Award

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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