Plant II, ThaiLin Semiconductor Corp.

ThaiLin Semiconductor Corporation’s Hsin-Chu plant is primarily an IC testing center but some assembly is also done here. Three adjacent Fabs had been planned, our Phase II project located beside central Phase I Fab. Economic circumstances reduced the scope to two Fabs, with our changing program to become an independent office building.

The rectangular site has a road on one side alongside which our design places a plaza. Administration offices face this open space, with cleanrooms and process areas requiring little natural light are located behind. A staff dining room and lounge are placed on the top floor beneath the roof overhang, with a commanding view of the entire industrial park. The exterior enclosure is a composite curtain wall of aluminum and glass. The form of the structure simulates the T-shape corporate symbol of ThaiLin Semiconductor Corporation.

Location:Hsinchu Industrial Park

Structural system:SC、SRC

Site area:5,920 ㎡

Building coverage:3,010 ㎡

Total floor area:25,865 ㎡

No. of stories:2 floors below grade、5 floors above grade

Cost:NT$ 580,374,500

Design period:1998.06 ~ 2000.07

Const. period:2000.09 ~ 2001.11

主要建材: 铝板玻璃帷幕墙、铝复合板帷幕

Category: Manufacturing

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