Pingtung Performing Concert Hall

A Concert

Like extended, winding coral reefs that stand firmly against the churning waves.

Ping Tung has a long, winding coastline; the water temperature is high and the sea saltiness is appropriate for coral reefs to grow. The unique coral-reefed coastline marks one of Taiwan’s natural wonders. The design concept of this project is created out of the slashing seawaves and the reefs. Like a splendid symphony reeling out in the deep blue ocean, the dance of under-water corals resembles stage performers that turn into reefs in waggling motions, jutting out of the earth. Thick reefs gradually reveal their forms as interpretations of the architectural language develop: smart spaces become a performing hall, connected with the localness and solidity intrinsic to Pin Tung to accomplish this outstanding performance rendered in the architectural spaces.


The 24 hour Urban Cultural Center of Southern Taiwan

As the gap between urban and rural developments widens, local performing halls have a very limited repertoire every year, and their internal functions often serve only a small number of the public, while the majority seldom set foot into the halls. Therefore, the project aims to provide a 24 hour easily accessible public space that offers effective uses for different groups of people in different hours. Also, by stringing the indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor spaces through events, the local artistic vibe is generated, and the building is prevented from being idled but becomes the urban cultural center in southern Taiwan.


Space Configuration

A green belt is arranged around the building and extends to the central lawn. Considering the change of local prevailing winds, the downhill wind from the north is shielded while the south-western wind into the atrium to relieve the accumulated heat indoors is induced. In experimental theater design, performing concepts of open-air theater are also incorporated to provide a congregational, interactive place for the pubic. The building front plaza, grand staircase, atrium and back square take shape successively, connecting each other and integrating with public activities in a most effective way.


Spatial Design of the Performing Concert Hall

Based on professional acoustic simulations, the audience seating is designed in a circular and irregular form. The asymmetrical but orderly plan achieves the best visual and acoustic effects. The experimental theater configuration also takes different performing styles into consideration and provides a flexible, multi-purpose use for indoor and semi-outdoor performances combined with the plaza to achieve the best stage effects. Music halls and experimental theater adopt a box-within-a-box structure to arrive at an optimal function of sound insulation, heat insulation, and
vibration isolation.


Local Green Architecture

Ping Tung enjoys the longest hours of daylight in Taiwan, so it is also called the “Sun City,” or “Sunshine City.” The site planning and architectural form jointly shape the south-western façade which adopts modest eaves that also function as sunshade, sculpturing an artistic atrium where air-conditioning is not required. Thus, with heat gain and energy consumption greatly lowered, the total air-conditioning loading is reduced by 1/5. Solar energy panels installed above the atrium not only give the atrium expressions with changes of light at different times, but are also one form of green designs that incorporates local natural environment.

Location:Pingtung County

Site area:18,791 m²

Building coverage:9,395 m²

Total floor area:20,800 m²

No. of stories:2 below、1 above grade

Cost:NT$ 899,490,000

Design period:2009.08 ~ 2009.10

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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