Philips Dapon Factory Complex, Philips Electronics Industries (Taiwan) Ltd.

Located within the phase III development zone of the Science Based Industrial Park and occupying an area of 10.7 hectares, the Philips Dapon factory complex consists of main plant surrounded by support facilities. The main plant, in the initial stage, will run three computer controlled, totally automated cleanroom production lines for the production of high resolution 15 and 17 inch color monitor tubes. It is linked by a network of roadways to the surrounding facilities which include a recycling shop, a chemical warehouse, a waste water treatment plant, a mechanical and electrical equipment center, a back-up gas station, a gas supply station, a ferrite factory, an administration building, a guard house, as well as reservoir, transformer station, etc.. Exterior of the main plant and administration building is cladded with enameled aluminum curtain wall, accented with Philips Co.'s representative blue color at the stair wells, while subordinate buildings are clad in off-white and silver gray tiles, 10 x 10 cm square.

The main entrance is further marked by a canopy of bright red metal frame and pale green curvilinear skylight. Other than the administration building which was completed in June 1995, all other phase I buildings were completed by the end of 1994. Total construction cost for phase I is about NT$1,611,000,000. Phase II project includes expansion of the main plant to provide for a fourth and fifth line to produce 19 and 21 inch color monitor tubes, as well as an addition of Research and Development building.

Completion date for phase II work is April 1996.

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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