Phase III Residential Development for Acer Property Development, Inc.

The site is located within The Acer Company's "Aspire Park" in Lung-Tan Village of Tao-Yuan County and is 102,783 sq.m. in area, divided into 12 zones for which we are providing a master plan and prototype building designs. A total of 350 dwelling units are planned, with a target total floor area of 64,935 sq.m. (19,643 ping).


To comply with our client and sales agent's wishes, we assigned different building types to differently sized dwelling units distributing them according to the geographical condition of each zone. The larger villas are located on the perimeter with the best views while smaller units are centrally located in each zone. Medium-sized houses are designed to infill certain specially-shaped sites (curvilinear or narrow line). A pedestrian path and green belt links all the dwelling units in the 12 zones such that backyards, central green belt and hill-side views link to form a homogeneous whole.


To create an informal yet distinguished image of a quality residential community, all buildings are two stories high with an attic under a pitched roof. Each unit is provided with parking space for two cars, a leisure terrace, a service yard, flexible interior partitioning and "DIY" possibilities. As our buyers often make alterations to suit individual living styles, we designed with the following guidelines in mind:

  • 1.Adopt a simple rectilinear base-plan with a regular structural system.
  • 2.Group service elements such as kitchen, baths, and stairs, near the perimeter of the plan leaving the rest of the area with maximum flexibility.
  • 3.Arrange public areas such as living and dining rooms as contiguous spaces, easily partitioned or separated by furniture as desired.
  • 4.Designate a sitting room area on the bedroom level which may serve as an additional bedroom when required.
  • 5.Provide a usable attic which may serve as study, recreation room or storage.

Thus the buyer first decides on a plot, then selects an appropriate building type and size to place upon it; they may also design their own dwelling using the above guidelines and relevant building codes which is then reviewed and approved prior to construction. Buyers are offered, within reasonable limits, an opportunity to create their own homes.

Category: Residential

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