Phase III & IV Additions to & Alterations, Puli Christian Hospital

After Taiwan’s 921 earthquake disaster in 1999, Puli Christian Hospital decided to build a seismic-resistant extension of existing facilities. Our firm, design architect of Phases I and II, was chosen to provide the overall master plan. In this master plan, existing Phases I and II have been integrated into the new complex; circulation networks impose coherence among the different buildings. To keep continuous health care service during construction, relocation of some departments was necessary; thus phased development was a crucial consideration.

Phase III:
To maintain full functions during construction, this transitional building was introduced to contain displaced facilities. It contained the ER, laboratory, examination and diagnostic center, an acute care nursing unit, rehabilitation center and radiology.

Phase IV:
This building was erected adjacent to Phases I and II. On the 1st and 2nd floors, area was integrated with existing to improve inter-departmental horizontal flow. To ensure acute care service to cope with potential future disaster, departments like ER, radiology, laboratory, OR suite, ICUs, LDR are relocated to this building. The below-grade portion provides indoor parking. Mechanical equipment takes up part of B1, and integrates with the existing system to form a utility center for the whole complex. The hilltop site has inspired a stepped building form with outdoor terraces serving both as a relaxation area for LDR and a patient ward, and as an expanded acute-care patient handling area during emergencies. A worship/assembly hall for 400 has been incorporated within this phase for general use of the entire hospital complex.

Location:Puli, Nantou

Structural system:RC、Steel

Site area:20,670 ㎡

Building coverage:Phase III 1,460㎡ ;Phase IV 3,300 ㎡

Total floor area:Phase III 6,120㎡ ;Phase IV 27,030 ㎡

No. of stories:Phase III 1 below、4 above grade;Phase IV 3 below、7 above grade

Cost:Phase III NT$180,000,000. -;Phase IV NT$600,000,000

Design period:Phase III 2000.06 ~ 2000.12;Phase IV 2001.06 ~ 2001.12

Const. period:Phase III 2001.02 ~ 2002.02;Phase IV 2002.03 ~ 2003.12

Category: Healthcare

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