Phase II of Sun Island “Kun-Shan Mansion” Design, Shanghai Sun Island Club

Kunshan Sun Island Golf club is a renowned golf course located on the outskirts of Shanghai near the picturesque Dianshan Lake and Shuangyang Pond. A scenic location with efficient transportation link to Shanghai, Kunshan Sun Island attracts numerous golf enthusiasts. This project builds upon these exceptional qualities and introduces 246 units of vacation villas.
The objective is to provide resort-style accommodation. Measuring between 88 to 130 square meters, each villa is hence smaller than a typical house, but carefully designed to provide the highest spatial quality with all the necessary amenities.
Master Plan:
Villas are arranged in clusters of various sizes around natural features such as ponds, lawns and verdant gardens. All rooms have direct views to the landscape. Within each cluster the villas stagger in plan, further optimizing each room’s access to natural light while creating private backyards.
The villa has three floor plans, with freestanding units measuring up to 130 square meters and duplexes at 108 square meters. Each unit contains private green spaces, parking, a living room and two bedrooms spread over two levels. On the first floor the living room opens onto the front lawn while the family room opens towards the immaculate golf course. On the second floor both bedrooms have terraces suitable for entertaining. For duplexes interior courtyards separate the living and dining rooms, forming additional gardens and directing light into all rooms.
The exterior formal design abstracts architectural elements such as the sloped-roof and chimney, establishing a legible and contemporary profile while echoing the values and identities of tradition. In material and in color, a few selected palettes provide cohesion and unity for the entire project while various accents in elements such as the roof, wall or window frame enhance visual variations within each cluster.

Category: Planning、Residential

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