Phase I Standard Factory Buildings, Science Based Industrial Park Tainan

To promote development of the Science Based Industrial Park in Tainan, Park Administration decided to build a number of standard factory buildings for rent. This facilitates for small and starting companies are designed to lower their initial investment and further attracts more high-tech related firms to locate within the Park.

The project consists of two buildings of reinforced concrete construction, each four- stories high plus basement and containing four 160-ping units (528 sq.m.) per floor for a total of 32 units. The design aims to provide two special features:
(1) flexibility of use: all units on the same floor may be combined as required, and
(2) maximizing usable floor space: the common service cores organized on the perimeters are reduced in area, occupying only 20% of the floor as compared with the 28% provided for most factories in the Hsin-Chu Science Based Industrial Park.
Total floor area for the project is 24,218 sq.m. with construction cost of NT$400,000,000 which includes surrounding roadways, parking area for 212 cars and 212 motorcycles, landscape and site work. Completion date was April 1998.

Location:Xinshi Township Science Park, Tainan County

Site area:14,511m2

Total floor area:25,780m2

No. of stories:1 below, 4 above grade

Cost:NT$ 321,000,000

Design period:1996. 5 ~ 1996. 8

Const. period:1997. 1 ~ 1998. 4

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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