Phase I Dormitory, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

The triangle-shaped site is in the southwest part of TSMC's Tainan campus, bordered by a future production plant on its northeast, an irrigation canal on its northwest, and a man-made regulating lake for the Science Park on its southwest.

The main structure, a dormitory for staff members and occasional VIP visitors, is to be built in two phases along a north-south orientation. The ground floor contains mostly public spaces such as a lounge, gym, reading and audio-visual room, cooperative shop, training classrooms and a few residential units. Second through sixth floors house engineers in single rooms and women in double rooms. VIP rooms and more double rooms for staff occupy the seventh floor. All units feature bathrooms and balconies for laundry drying; a lounge on each of the second through sixth floors facilitates social intercourse between residents. The dormitory provides living quarters for a total of 519 persons. Mechanical space and car and motorcycle parking are located in the basement.

Exterior walls use TSMC's representative corporate colors of black, white, grey and red. Glazed curtain walls enclosed vertical transportation and lounge areas. Along with horizontal aluminum grille work shielding the balconies, this glazing sets the principal design language. A curved, pierced wall at the main entrance plaza defines a semi-private outdoor activity area for staff gatherings and exhibitions.

Location:Tainan Science-based Industrial Park Phase I Dormitory, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Structural system:RC

Site area:15,000㎡

Building coverage:2,495㎡

Total floor area:23,350㎡

No. of stories:1 floor below grade、7 floors above grade

Cost:NT$ 289,200,000

Design period:1999 ~ 2000.01

Const. period:2000.03 ~ 2000.12

Category: Dormitory

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