Pegatron Shanghai Campus

The vision for the Pegatron Corporation Shanghai campus honors and updates local culture and wisdom by re-conceptualizing the “Hui” vernacular architectural style of Southern Anhui province, from which traditional Shanghai and Jiangsu architectural designs stem.

The orientation of the R&D building coheres with the second R&D Building (RD-B) and the headquarters building (HQ), forming a traditional courtyard house configuration. The center of the courtyard exhibits the imagery of a rice paddy, the agricultural metaphor referencing Chinese tradition and the need for R&D engineers to combine knowledge with practicality.

The interior design keeps a style consistent with “Hui” buildings, exhibiting a simple, steady and tranquil rustic texture. The customary design language continues in the structural details and the use of locally available materials including gray tiles, white walls, and green bricks in some of the key spaces. The hollow lattice tiled walls create a characteristically Chinese flowing, permeable space. Modern materials and methods reinforce the traditional concepts and keep intact modern aesthetics and building proportions.

The Shanghai R&D Building of the Pegatron Corporation is the application of modern vernacularism sensitive to the past, present, and future. Here, architecture is like a discreet artwork with a self-contained yet expressive aura, its voice reflecting and embracing local culture.

Location:Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone, Shanghai

Structural system:Steel、RC

Site area:24,160㎡

Total floor area:42,000㎡

No. of stories:6 above grade

Design period:2006.03 – 2006.12

Const. period:2007.03 – 2009.04

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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