Parking Tower for Winbond Electronics

Situated in the IC wafer Fab III Plant of Winbond Electronics Corp., the parking tower is a reinforced concrete structure with mechanical facilities in the basement and ten floors of parking space above, providing 47-56 cars per floor and a total of 543 parking spaces. The eleventh floor is designed as a staff recreation lounge, equipped with ktv, karaoke, billiard room, exercise gym, dance studio, as well as basket ball and tennis courts. An enclosed bridge connects the top floor to the Main Testing Building.

Ground coverage is 1,760sq.m. and total floor area is approximately 204,800sq.m, with a construction cost of about NT$173,250,000. Construction began in beginning of 1998 and was completed for use by end of 1999.

Location:Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City

Structural system:RC

Site area:5,377 m² (127,300 m² in total)

Building coverage:3,226㎡

Total floor area:16,165㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 4 above grade

Cost:NT$ 320,000,000

Design period:2014.4 ~ 2014.9

Const. period:2014.11 ~ 2015.7

Category: Transportation / Infrastructure

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