Out-Patient Building and Staff Dormitory, Mennonite Christian Hospital

In 1948, missionary Dr. Robert Hess initiated a traveling health care service for the aboriginal residents near Hualien and established the Mennonite Christian Hospital to look after them in the 40 years since, offering an invaluable contribution to a region with little formal medical care.

In 1993, a new medical building was built and, to further improve the medical facilities, our firm was engaged to design a new out-patient and staff dormitory building for the hospital, replacing the inadequate out-patient building and provide a stable domicile for health workers. The building is located to the west of the new medical building and linked by an indoor passage. Our site is 12,336 sq.m. in area; the reinforced concrete structure has a north-south orientation, is 8 stories above and 4 levels below ground for a total floor area of 25,086 sq.m.; total construction cost is NT$535,000,000. The Out-patient Department takes up the 1st through 3rd floors: registration, cashier, pharmacy, eye and ear-nose-throat clinics are on the 1st floor; internal medicine, surgical ob/gyn, obstetric and pediatric clinics make up the 2nd floor; psychiatric and Chinese medicine clinics are on the 3rd floor. A total of 50 examination rooms will serve 2,000 anticipated patients per day. The 3rd floor also contains a 300-seat assembly hall, doctor’s research space, library and nurse’s lounge. 4th to 8th floors contain dormitories with 93 double rooms for nurses and 22 apartment units of differing sizes for residents and visiting physicians. All underground areas are used for the parking of 264 cars and 85 motorcycles except for parts of the 1st and 3rd basements, which are used for medical record room, pharmaceutical stock storage and the oncology clinic. Construction commenced in November of 1997 and is scheduled for completion

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