Ornamental Fish and Affiliated Aquatic Seedlings Research and Logistics Campus

Our government wishes to establish Taiwan as an important source of ornamental fish for the international market, and choose the Agricultural Biotechnology Park in Pingtung County as the site for building campus. The site has an area of 233 hectares, on which a Logistics and R&D Center, 12 Production Factories with affixed service buildings will be built. The fish produced must be quarantined and tested before exportation.

To breed ornamental fish, water quality is an important issue. The design is based on the circulation of water as a primary consideration: the process of storage, transfer, filter and retrieval must form a continuous movement to achieve the best quality of illumination and ventilation for a living environment. Thus the design is to build a common ductwork to connect the Production Factories with the Research and Testing Center, with fresh water supply and soiled water treatment plant at opposite ends. The trench is laid in accordance with the rolling landform and all the architectural elements are covered with greeneries to form a part of ecological Science Park.

Location:Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park

Structural system:RC & SC

Site area:54,600㎡

Building coverage:10,120 ㎡

Total floor area:21,180㎡

No. of stories:Logistics and R&D Center 1 below 2 above grade, Production Factory& Operation Area - 12 buildings in total 1 above grade each, Water Treatment Plant 1 above grade, Sewage Treatment Plant 1 above grade

Category: Manufacturing、Paper Architecture、R&D

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