Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Plant

The Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical PIC / S ophthalmic preparations plant project is located within an industrial park of Taiwan Cement Corporation. The design objective for the project is to consolidate production operations in a most efficient manner while achieve strict pharmaceutical certification standards. The appearance of the projects conveys both the vigorous nature of Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical and the solid strength of its parent company Taiwan Cement Corporation.


Despite a confined site, the project manages to incorporate a 4-story manufacturing plant and an ancillary facility. The manufacturing plant consists of a lobby, office and warehouse on the first floor and mechanical spaces on the second floor. The third floor is separated into two production lines - antibiotic and general preparation – separated by a visitor’s viewing gallery. The fourth floor houses the mechanical and electrical spaces.


The project’s exterior design is intended to be straight-forward, long-lasting with an optimal balance of the delicate and simple. The rectangular building volume is articulated with a mixture of materials and textures. The front façade facing Chang'an Road is a multi-tiered curtain wall that conveys a bright, clean, and sophisticated impression. Specifically, the curtain wall, from bottom to top, consists of clear low-e glass, spandrel glass, shadow boxes and open frame. Behind the open frame is a large terrace on the third floor that can be used as a natural green outdoor space for visitors and employees alike.


The two sides of the building were originally recommended to be exposed concrete but after schedule considerations a cement mortar texture finish was applied to the RC walls. The final result meets the construction schedule and provides a solid image. Tiles with a delicate chisel-like finish express the stair cores.


The lobby design continues the theme of exterior facades, incorporating materials such asonyx and textured concrete wall finishes.

Location:Taoyuan county, Taiwan

Structural system:RC

Site area:6,089㎡

Building coverage:2,650㎡

Total floor area:7,400㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 4 above grade

Design period:2011.5 ~ 2012.2

Const. period:2012.3 ~ 2013.9

Category: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Manufacturing

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