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Office Building, Dormitory & Factory Dongguan GIANT Lighting

This project is the client’s relocation plan consisting of an office building and dormitory, which aims to optimize the existing design from the local design firm.

The local firm initially puts the two buildings right next to each other. However, the function of the two is disparate, and so are the building volumes and appearances. The design team then adopts a double wall system to unite the building volume. Such a concept not only keeps the privacy of the dormitory but also prevents the heat, and therefore, ventilation increase. By extending the double wall concept, the team also uses stacked volume and layer changes to create an ingenious rhythm amid the two building types.

The team plentifully uses glazed curtain walls on the office building to bring more natural lights, expresses the vigor of the high-ceiling lobby, and enriches the office building’s interior and exterior spaces as well as the client’s logo meticulously, integrating into the lobby’s elevation. The dormitory building applies a cozy concept, along with a hotel space structure where the living room uses structural glazed bricks to keep privacy and natural lights.

Location:Shatian Industrial Area, Dongguan City, China

Structural system:RC

Site area:56,683㎡

Building coverage:3,075㎡

Total floor area:11,958㎡

No. of stories:5 above grade

Cost:Approximately RMB 36,700,000

Design period:2009.11 ~ 2010.05

Category: Office

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