Office Building, FESTO Co., Ltd

Festo Taiwan is a German enterprise, mostly manufacturing pneumatic automation parts and systems.
To expand service in Taiwan, the old factory was torn down, and the site was converted to a new service building to allow the company to provide sales, warehouse and technical support to local needs as a service center.

The appearance of the building shakes off the traditional negative aspects, such as, clutter, illegal building, and messiness usually associated with industrial areas, replacing it with large curtain walls and clean lines to reduce the feeling of massiveness. Color choices use grey and blue hues to match the FESTO’s global image, and created a vision for contemporary industrial architecture. The exterior walls use actuated louvers, Low-E insulated glass and insulated metal panels, etc. reduce the load of interior air-conditioning.

Offices located on the third and fourth floors use glass walls as space dividers, adding to the visual continuity of the office space. A sky-garden is placed on the roof, creating a more humane work environment, as well as meeting the goals of making a comfortable and green architecture.


Location:Linkou 2nd Industrial Zone, Taipei

Structural system:concrete moment frame

Site area:1,310㎡

Building coverage:715㎡

Total floor area:3,620㎡

No. of stories:1 below、4 above grade

Design period:2005.08~2005.11

Const. period:2005.12~2006.10

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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