Nursing Home Addition, Sin-Lau Hospital

Established in 1865 by Scottish missionary, Dr. James L. Maxwell, the Sin-Lau hospital is Taiwan’s first western medical clinic that has now become a regional teaching hospital. This project consists of a nursing facility in Sin-Lau’s Madou branch with a 200-bed capacity and an expansion of the outpatient departments.

The new building was conceived as a set that fulfills Sin-Lau’s current specific requirements with consideration of future needs. Underground floors are designed to be mainly used as parking area and equipment rooms but can also be a flexible area to accommodate any future linear accelerators. The lobby, administration offices, hospital archives, cafeterias and convenience stores are located on the ground floor. Outpatient departments are planned to be on the second and third floors with connection to the existing medical building by sky bridges. The 200-bed nursing home, along with several housing units to accommodate a variety of needs, is situated on the fourth through eighth floors. The staff dormitory and a central kitchen certified by HACCP are located on the ninth floor and a 360-seat multi-functional conference hall and the executive offices on the tenth floor.

With a vision of creating an even more comfortable and well-planned health care environment for the elderly of Tainan, Sin-Lau has purchased approximately 1.44 hectares of land next to the project site. This new medical park has already been entrusted to JJP to best incorporate Sin-Lau’s abundant medical resources and advantages, while faithfully reflecting and executing the Sin-Lau mission — Service, LoveHope.

Location:Madou Disrict, Tainan City

Structural system:Steel

Site area:13,151㎡

Building coverage:2,639㎡

Total floor area:23,824㎡

No. of stories:10 floors above ground, 2 underground

Design period:2011.10 ~ 2013.02

Const. period:2013.05 ~

Category: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Healthcare

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