Ning-Chuan Street Regional Planning, Ning-Po

The 80 acre site spans from Ning-Chuan Road in Ning-Po downtown to Ho-Tang Riverside. The location sits right on an east-west axis across downtown area from San-Jian estuary on the west side to a developing town on the east side. Famous for its original business in hardware wholesale, the site aims to transform into a leading regional development to stimulate urban renewal progress taking place in the city.

The project aims to transform into a complex-development region which sews the gap between residential areas on the north and south sides of the river. Apart from the recreational blue belt developed along the riverbank, the design maintains the original scale for street market on Ning-Chuan Road. By establishing a pedestrian-friendly environment, cultural and leisure business are brought into this region to accentuate the idea of “one rive, one street”. Open spaces are designed to connect Ning-Chuan Road to Ho-Tang waterfront, which conveniently brings the crowd to and from both locations. The design of the skyline indicates the business characters of the region. The height of the building starts low on Ning-Chuan Road to maintain a humane scale for the surrounding alleys, and ascends towards the waterfront to maximize residential value by the riverbank.

Location:Ningchuang Rd., Ningbo city

Site area:950,000 ㎡

Design period:2012.10 ~ 2014.11

Category: Planning

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