New Wafer Plant for Shin-Etsu Hodotai Taiwan

The Shin-Etsu Hodotai Semi-conductor Co. is one of the principal producers of wafers in the world, the Taiwan factory being its second foreign installation in Asia after the Malaysian plant. The triangularly shaped site is located within the Science Based Industrial Park in Hsinchu, measuring 260 M and 137 M on its long and short sides respectively and occupying approximately 2.18 hectares of land. Phase I work includes a main production plant (4,700 sq.m.), a public service factory (1,400 sq.m.), an administration building (960 sq.m.) and a waste water treatment plant. The main production plant is six stories high, built of reinforced concrete, with strict performance requirements similar to those of IC factories. A second main production plant, identical to that of Phase I, will be built in Phase II with total floor area upon completion at 47,000 sq.m.. Phase I work began in March of 1996 and the completion date, March 1997

Category: Manufacturing

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