New Office Building, Overseas Radio and Television

Situated on a narrow 20 m x 50 m site next to the its Broadcasting Center in Tachih,Taipei, the structure is a six-story with basement, multi-purpose office building which accommodates a variety of different broadcasting functions such asEnglish lessons on the air, art classes, readings of books and periodicals, music, drama, TV script-writing, etc. The short side of the building faces a park on the west;the long side is practically back to back with neighboring the building to the south.As a result, the service areas like elevators, stairs, lavatories, kitchen etc. areplaced on the south side to conserve the more desirable and flexible spaces for office use. The exterior design of the north and west walls, facing the street and the park, has been carefully considered to reflect the characteristics of the interior spaces and at the same time express the religious ambiance of the building.The structure occupies a total floor area of 3,410 sq.m. with a total construction cost of NT$41,400,000. It was completed in August 1986. A collaboration with architect Shen-Sun Chen, the structure won a design excellence award from the Taipei Municipal Government in 1989.

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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