Gymnasium and Assembly Building, National Taiwan Ocean University

Situated at the center of the great lawn in the seaside campus, this monumental three-story structure possesses a strong character yet also a gentle appeal. Located in the administration and dormitory area, the Gymnasium is used for large functions, with a great lawn and plaza at its front and quiet greenery at its back. Mountains are to its south, and in the north it is connected with the Shipping Management Building by corridors. It can be used for basketball, volley-ball and badminton or for the gathering of the entire student body of 2,500 (1,200 fixed seats and 1,300 moveable chairs). The building assumes a stepped form, rising in height from front to rear. The great lawn in front serves as a large gathering site, but its use for athletic activities is not encouraged.Street lamps along the pedestrian pathways provide a friendly atmosphere and at the same time pose as obstacles for ball-playing. Common bricks laid in various designs form the interior walls, interesting to observe and easy to maintain. A mixture of natural and artificial lighting is employed, and cross-ventilation is emphasized. In addition to high windows and skylights, louvers with electrical fans are placed above the seats along both side-walls for venting.
The total floor area is 4,131 sq.m.; construction costs NT$62,150,000. It was completed in May, 1987.

Awards: Gold Plaque Award, CHINESE ARCHITECT Annual Design Award、Ten Most Outstanding 'Creativity in Architecture' Award

Category: Education、Sport / Leisure

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