New Assemblage Plant Project, Logitech Far East Ltd., Suzhou

Logitech Suzhou comprises of manufactory facilities, offices, an employee training center and supporting programs. The design is to be completed in three phases, with the guardhouse, the supply room and the physical plant sited along the eastern and western edges of the factory for maximum efficiency.

The first phase utilizes an L-shaped portion of the site for the construction of the manufactory facility and the employee training center. The main facility is a two-story structure with designated spaces for production and offices; the employee training center consists of two four-story buildings.

In a minimalist approach, the design of the main facility positions bold colors against well-proportioned massing. The primary palette, grey, is accented with the Logitech green to communicate the company’s identity while presenting a sense of freshness to an industrial site. A large red canopy announces the entrance, forming a vibrant contrast and establishing a visual focus for the building. Details of the entrance are further articulated in a series of transparent materials. Juxtapose against the solid massing, the entrance and exposed columns delicately direct light and compliment the subtle changes in the massing.

This interplay of color and shifts from solid to transparent create a unified architectural language for the entire campus. Building upon this system the employee training center integrates colonnades spanning full building height with interspersed vertical accents of green to further reveal variations in light and shadow.

The concise choices of material and color combined with richness in detailing together create a campus that reflects the qualities and ethos of a high-tech company.

Location:Suzhou National Hi-Tech District (SND)

Structural system:RC with Framing System

Site area:131,759 ㎡

Building coverage:23,394㎡

Total floor area:51,658㎡

No. of stories:Plant 2 above grade、Training Center 4 above grade

Design period:2004.04 ~ 2005.01

Const. period:2005.01 ~ 2005.10

Category: Manufacturing

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