Neo Solar Power Office Building Complex

The project is located in former Du-hsing military base. The site borders an 80m central green belt on the north-eastern side. On the north-western side flanked by the road sits the central utilities building. The building mass is configured high on the north and low on the south bridged by an expansion joint.


The façade takes up the metaphor of transferring light energy to electric power with solar panels to achieve a uniqueness of the contour. The exterior walls are designed as continuous wavy boards in the concept of starting board--folding board--concluding board to express the design ideas of “undulation, transference.” Half-unit glass and aluminum curtain walls are sectioned into 8 trapezoid units, finished with over 350 glass-cutting patterns. The perimeter of each floor varies with the advancing and recessing surface walls, and the trimming steel beam curving with the floor board serves as the fixed end of the curtain walls.


The ground floor of this north-oriented building is planned with high-ceilinged foyer and an auditorium, with a staff restaurant curtained with panoramic glass walls facing the central green belt. The 2nd to 7th floors are research spaces, and the 8th floor is executive offices. The 5-story plant on the south is built with damping diagonal bracing structure. The heightened basement air raid shelter and garage are planned to meet the parking needs for phase II expansion in the future.


To present a clear-cut, light, and transparent look of the building, and to induce greenery indoors, the large glass exterior walls of the office building are complemented with movable vertical blinds to shield off light from the north. The alcove spaces formed alongside the exterior wall is employed as R&D discussion and lounging spots, to effectively utilize the irregular spaces.

Location:Hsinchu Science Park

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:27,000㎡

Building coverage:6,955 ㎡

Total floor area:47,940 ㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 8 above grade

Design period: 2007.02 ~ 2007.11

Const. period:2007.08 ~ 2009.11

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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