Neihu Media Park BOT Project

Taipei MUVIA is a media park comprised of film studios, offices and exhibition galleries. Conceived as a part of Taipei City Hall’s initiative to provide professional facilities for the movie, television and music industries, Taipei MUVIA integrates a highly tailored program with a flexible structural system to establish the first media park in Taiwan open to public visits. An interweaving gradient based on abstracted elements of time-lapsed photography animates the exterior façade and deftly reveal the manifold interior activities.

The central design features a Vierendeel truss with six vertical cores. Acting as a mega-frame the truss organizes the main building into dedicated zones of production while addressing the various programs’ specific requirements for large span, double-height, and soundproof environment. This flexibility in plan also allows for the introduction of new media technologies and any subsequent reconfiguration. Visually the truss and the accompanying tension rods crisscross the exterior facade's diagonal grid, making apparent the building's dynamic spatial quality.

The center piece of the media park is a four- story tall inverted cone structure covered by digital screens. Incorporating a live broadcast TV studio on the ground level and exhibition spaces on the upper levels, the media-cone disseminates content and echoes the open design of the park. The media-cone conjoins two auditoriums on the second and third floors to create a series of public forums, thereby furthering cross-disciplinary interaction between media professionals and among visitors.

An 18-meter wide linear open space between the International Media Center and Music Creative Center anchors the rest of the media park. Established at first to satisfy a planning requirement for a 6-meter wide non-covered walkway, the open space was expanded and designed for easy installation and removal of film sceneries and properties. As different filming productions take place, movie, television and music transcend the physical boundaries of a single building and permeate the entire media park, instigating new visions of urban life in Taipei.


Location:Taipei City

Site area:Phase I : 6,407㎡、Phase II : 8,160㎡

Building coverage:Phase I : 3,150㎡、Phase II : 4,653㎡

Total floor area:Phase I : 57,114㎡、Phase II : 45,695㎡

Cost:NT$ 4,500,000,000

Design period:2013. 7 ~ 2014. 10

Category: Office、Sport / Leisure

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