National Museum of Marine Biology/Aquarium, Pingtong

The site is situated within the Kenting National Park, near the seashore along the foot hills of Turtle Mountain. The project includes exhibit halls with life-supporting facilities, aquatic experimental labs and husbandry, as well as staff living quarters. Main exhibits are divided into two areas: Waters of Taiwan and Coral Kingdom. The central lobby also leads to a temporary exhibit area, a gift shop, life-support spaces, administration offices and tourist service area.

Our office and the office of Haigo Shen, Architect, jointly serve as local architects for this project in cooperation with American firms EHDD, architectural design; Joe Wetzel, exhibit design and JMM, life support design. The team is led by KCMI, general consultant, of the USA. The design seeks to express a symbolic image of the sea, with emphasis on indigenous environmental characteristics. Construction combines reinforced concrete and steel truss, creating a curved roof as a special feature of the museum. On the 36 hectare site, the Waters of Taiwan exhibit area comprise 19,330 sq.m. of floor area, of which 4,300 sq.m. are used for exhibition, with tank capacity of 5,000 tons; the Coral Kingdom exhibit area has a total floor area of 11,980 sq.m., with 2,400 sq.m. of exhibition area and tank capacity of 10,000 tons. Work began in October 1994 and the completion date for Waters of Taiwan took place in February, 2000. Total construction cost is about NT$4,400,000,000.

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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