National Library of Public Information

Originally envisioned as merely a replacement for the conventional Taichung Library, the project brief eventually called for the creation of a digital library which upon completion will be known as the National Library of Public Information. The final project will aim to transcend its municipal role and become a national resource for the accessing, sharing, learning, storing and publishing of digital information.


Site Context

Situated between dense development areas and the urban greenbelt, the layout of the site and thebuilding is designed to mediate the transition with its main entrance fronting the green belt, easily accessible circulation paths, the grand steps connecting the plaza and a central court embraced by the ‘L’ shaped building. Furthermore, the shifting strip windows both literally and figuratively reflect the bustling flow of traffic around the site.


Design Concept

The genesis of the design is the decision to directly confront the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic nature of digital media. Inspirations for the massing concept include the Mobius strip and Klein bottle, both of which explore solid and void, form and formless. The resulting fluid building shape, while can only be produced with the latest digital tools, is not an exercise in form. Rather it is the manifestation of interconnecting program elements and ever-changing spatial movement.

Furthermore, the project seeks to acknowledge the urban history of Taichung, which developed from the excavation of the irrigation waterways since its first settlement in the 18th century. The architecture manifestation is the “horizontal flow” of folding skin and shifting strip windows that evoke ripples through the changing light and shadows. The water analogy is further reinforced by the use of round mosaics that are reminiscent of river pebbles. The same concept is carried through into the interior where light ribbons in the ceiling serve as circulation guides. Data and electrical conduits are integrated with the ribbons that traverse the various floors and areas, matching function to form.


Reading Areas

The strip windows of various heights and inclination bring in daylight differently, thereby creating various reading environments for the discerning users. Such areas include wide expanses fitted with lounge chairs and reading tables, a bar table that overlooks the atrium, a semi-outdoor story area, and a series of round skylights that allow glimpses of the shifting sky.



Founded on the balance between cultural, technical and contextual uniqueness, the design of the National Library of Public Information has established a new model for future civic projects in Taiwan.


News: Gold Award, The International Design Awards for Architecture

Location:Taichung city

Site area:21,646㎡

Building coverage:5,835㎡

Total floor area:41,797㎡

No. of stories:2 below, and 5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 1,241,140,000

Design period:2007.11 ~ 2008.10

Const. period:2009.06 ~ 2012.03

Awards: The 3rd Taichung Urban Design Awards、Good Design Award, World Association of Chinese Architects Awards、Gold Award, The International Design Awards for Architecture、Innovative Design of the Year, The 10th Golden Torch Awards

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Landscape

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