Nangang Economic & Trade Park Development Planning

This project consists of three land blocks C2, C3 and C4, located near the Nangang Exhibition Hall, occupies about 10 hectares of land. It is the newest developed region of Taipei City’s eastern zone, where important developments such as the Three-Rail (MRT, Taiwan Rail and High Speed Rail) station, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Nangang Software Park and Nangang Popular Music Center are located, a zone which shall perform as Taipei’s “CBD Commercial” role, promoting the city’s economic potentiality.

The design uses a “Gate” image to lead a variety of images for the creation of a total site plan with a cosmic vision, rendering the Nangang Economic & Trading Park an international landmark for Taipei’s newly developed commercial zone. The “Gate” located at the north side of Site C3: the Business Headquarters’ design creates a North-South axis of views through site C2, C3 and C4, visually linking the mass of the “5-star Tourist Hotel” and the “6-Star Class Business Hotel in The Air” in Site C2. In the total site plan, a 20 meter wide landscaped boulevard with semi-outdoor shopping stalls along both sides, connects the entire area while creating a multi-layered atmosphere and different types of purchasing levels.

The “Sky Plaza” and “Green Boulevard in The Air” connect sites C2, C3 and C4 with a series of broad steps leading people skyward, thus reducing crowding at street level and the MRT below grade while offering the citizens an outdoor “Plaza in The Air”.

Location:Nangang District, Taipei City

Site area:10.86 hectares

Building coverage:50,390㎡

Total floor area:304,407㎡

Design period:2008.09 ~ 2008.10

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Hospitality、Paper Architecture、Planning

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