Nan-Ya IC Fab Project, Nan Kan

The site of Nan Ya IC Fab is located at Nan-kon Road, Lu-chu County, near CKS International Airport. The area of the site is 130,151 sq.m.. This project includes an IC Fab 3-stories high, total floor area 26,745 sq.m.; a Testing Building 4-stories high, total floor area 11,048 sq.m.; a Central Utility Building (CUB) 4-stories high, total floor area 9,897 sq.m.; and a Gas Factory 1 story below ground and 1 story above, total floor area 2,328 sq.m.. The main product of the IC Fab is 8" wafer, 16M Dram 20,000 pieces output per month. The vibration standard of photo area is 250 micro-inch/sec, non-photo area is 1,000 micro-inch/sec. The air cleanness requirements are: CLASS 10 for photo area; CLASS 100 for PIQ room, clean room & etching inspection room; CLASS 500 for DDC equipment wash room, chemical storage & transport room ; CLASS 10,000 for transport rooms. The main compartments of the Testing Building are laboratory, testing center, office and storage. The Central Utility Building and the Gas Factory form the utility center for the Project. Total architectural construction cost was NT$500,000,000, project completion date was the end of 1995.

Category: Manufacturing

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