Multipurpose Building, Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center

Located at the intersection of Ming Te Rd. and Cheng Hsin St., the new establishment marks the main entrance of the hospital zone. The composite building combines the functions of a general administrative meeting facility, a medical staff dormitory and a parking garage. The client seeks to maximize the floor area to better utilize the high cost of the land. While given the irregular, narrow shape of the site, the design puts forth an effective solution for allocating car park. Extra parking spaces are added and a two fifth of the incentive floor area is successfully obtained.

The exterior design of the building takes on the imagery as landmark of the entrance. The arc surface of the elliptic volume and recession of the lower levels create an inviting circulation for visitors to walk into the campus and to the hospital’s main medical building. The administrative/ meeting facilities with oval volume are planned near the entrance for reception purposes. A long rectangular dormitory embracing the open green belts facing the Cheng Hsin Park and Huang Creek walkway provides a high-quality living environment.

Location:Beitou District, Taipei

Structural system:Steel, RC

Site area:2,850m²

Building coverage:1,250 m²

Total floor area:17,540 m²

No. of stories:3 below, 10 above grade

Design period:2001.09 ~ 2002.09

Const. period:2004.11 ~ 2006.09

Category: Healthcare

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