Mitac SIPA Plant Stage III and IV, Mitac International Corp.

Mitac SIPA Plant (Stage III) is located in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. The facility is a two-story RC structure with a total floor area of 2,106 sq.m.. It is designed for the storage and shipping of computer products. The facility contains a total of five loading docks. The exterior matches with the white tiles used on the existing buildings (Plant Stages I and II). The total construction cost was NT$15,000,000. The construction was completed in April, 1989.

Mitac SIPA Plant (Stage IV) is a RC structure with five floors above ground and one below. The total construction cost of this 33,884-square-meter plant is NT$192,500,000. The first four floors contain all production facilities and offices. The fifth floor houses an employee lounge, cafeteria, recreation facilities, and basketball courts. The basement floor is designated as an air-raid shelter and parking garage. The total length of the building is 128 meters, and the back area is reserved for future use. Four vertical service cores are located at the four corners of the building in order to contain stairs, washrooms, mechanical/electrical rooms, and duct shafts/pipe chases. Construction was completed in May, 1990.

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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