Mitac Headquarters Building, Linkou

This headquarters building is the administration center for several affiliated industries of the Mitac International Corp.

Occupying 1,418 sq.m. of land with nine floors above-ground and three below, the total floor area is 10,947 sq.m. and the construction cost was NT$160,200,000. Two sub-basement levels are used for parking while a staff dining room, conference hall and sunken courtyard comprise the basement. The ground floor contains a two-storey-high lobby with reception/exhibition area and staff lounges; administrative offices are located on the second through eighth floors and offices for the chairman of the board and the president occupy the ninth floor.

The building is sheathed in granite and a glass curtain wall and is equipped with a computer-controlled management and security system. Interior design was furnished by Horizon Designs, an affiliate of our office. Completion date for the project was 1996.

Category: Office

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