Missionary Residence, Taiwan Baptist Mission Pingtung

Situated within a residential area near the main road close to the outskirts of the southern Taiwan city of Pingtung, the building is a two-story structure with a total floor area of 8,140 sq.m., and a total construction cost of NT$4,400,000; it was completed in April, 1985.
The residence is primarily for the families of missionaries from overseas; and is opened to friends in the community. The compound is composed of a pair of two-story duplexes, for two families. A common entrance in the front, together with garages on either side, forms a U-shaped courtyard. The backyard is shared by both families. Combining interiors of a Western living with exteriors of a southern Fukien flavor, the structure gives a harmony of East and West and allows Western missionaries to feel at home, but congenial to the natives as well.


Category: Religious、Residential

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