Midway House Reconstruction & New Clubhouse, Tsai Hsing Elite Club

The context of this golf course boasts invaluable natural assets such as abundant sunshine, green hills, lush grass, mature trees, exotic boulders, and pristine lake views. It is a golfing paradise of international standards but with aging facilities. Therefore, JJP was commissioned to reimagine the midway house as part of a revitalization effort.

The project consists of two phases. The first phase is the midway house while the second phase is the new clubhouse. The overall design objective is to integrate the buildings seamlessly with the surrounding environment and existing ground.

The architecture of the midway house is integrated into the natural surrounding by means of a flat roof, two sets of operable panels, and three stone walls to define a deliberately vague boundary between man and nature.

The operable walls, a combination of sliding and pivoting doors, can be fully opened to reduce the use of air conditioning thereby achieve energy savings. During times of inclement weather, the walls can be closed to keep the indoor safe.

The cantilevered steel roof’s design is derived from the club’s logo. The T-shaped members are structurally significant and suggesting the interweaving of humanities and nature.



Winner – Architecture, Outstanding Property Award London(OPAL)

Winner, DNA Paris Design Award-Small Scale Project

Location:Huko Township, Hsinchu City

Structural system:RC+SS

Site area:96,884 m²

Building coverage:Midway House I: 117 m²

Total floor area:Midway House I: 117 m²

No. of stories:Midway House I: 1 above grade

Cost:Midway House I: NT$ 7,660,260

Design period:2016.02 ~ 2016.05

Awards: Winner – Architecture, Outstanding Property Award London(OPAL)、Winner, DNA Paris Design Award-Small Scale Project

Category: Sport / Leisure

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