Merck Display Technologies Plant

A joint venture company between E. Merck of Germany and Balzers of Liechtenstein, Merck-Balzers has engaged our service to design a plant in Taiwan which will house production line for its ITO transparent conductive coating used by liquid crystal display industries. The fully automated production line is the first one outside of its headquarters plant in Liechtenstein. The building contains a clean-room type production plant, service/maintenance and testing rooms, a warehouse and mechanical equipment room, and an office area for 20 staff members. Our design also took into account the possible future expansion for a second production line. Team Construction/Consultant Management Co., a subsidiary company of our firm, is responsible for construction management of this project. Work began in 1994 and was completed in eight months, including installation of the automated machinery. The building is three stories with basement, with a total floor area of 3,800 sq.m.. Construction cost is NT$86,500,000.
Burgeoning business growth led Merck Display Technologies to develop existing and build new space to house their Third Production Line in Kuanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan. Two floors of office space, a glass-walled passenger elevator, and an emergency generator were concurrently added.

The existing front façade design was extended over new construction; the glass elevator design was conceived to augment the existing glass corner stair tower.

Sequencing and logistics of construction were carefully considered so as not to disrupt Production Lines One and Two or other occupied space. Structural expansion capability for further development was provided.

Location:the Kuanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan

Structural system:RC

Site area:6,000㎡

Building coverage:16㎡

Total floor area:290㎡

No. of stories:Addtion : 3 or 4 above grade

Design period:2000.10 ~ 2001.02

Const. period:2001.03 ~ 2001.12

Category: Manufacturing

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