Men's Student Dormitory No. 3, National Taiwan Ocean University

The dormitory is a ten-story building with a dining hall for 400 in the basement, a lounge and recreation room on the first floor, and 211 dormitory rooms on the upper floors. Every room accommodates four students, each with his own desk, bed and closet. Thus, a total of 844 students can be housed. Its total floor area is 8,810 sq.m. with construction cost of NT$137,200,000. The completion date is 1994.

This structure is situated in the southeastern corner of the university's Seaside Campus, sandwiched between the hilly slopes of the eastern campus border and the Men's Student Dormitory No. 2 and swimming pool. The site is irregular in shape, thus a twisted H-shape design is used. One long arm of the "H" is parallel to the length of the swimming pool, facing north-south with a view of the sea, while the other arm parallels the southeastern retaining wall, and is perpendicular to the existing Dormitory No. 2, thus forming a common entrance plaza for the two dormitories. The two groups of building also serves as a buffer for the northeastern prevailing winter wind.

The entrance level is elevated half a story, providing formal interest as well as a better light source for the basement level. Broad steps connect both the front and rear basement courtyards to ground level; as a result the basement dining hall has a pleasant garden view as well as good ventilation and light.

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