Medical Research Building and Conference Center for Veterans General Hospital Taichung

Programmed to contain a research laboratory for the hospital staff physicians as well as medical conference facilities for the Taichung area, the building has four floors above ground and one below, and is connected to the hospital by an elevated, glazed passageway. With a site at the rear of the hospital grounds and located on top of a gentle hill facing strong winds from the north, the design called for specially-L-shaped windows with operating sashes on the sides to minimize wind disturbance and to facilitate cleaning. A spacious lobby connects the research and conference facilities: on the west a two-story building contains a 600-seat auditorium above a 200-seat conference hall and several 60-seat, flexibly divided meeting rooms; on the east is a four-story research lab and office building surrounding a garden court. Separate air-conditioning systems serve the two zones according to their different requirements, while natural light is utilized where feasible for energy conservation. The total floor area is 9,223 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$177,689,000, and it was completed in October, 1988.


合作建筑师: 王秋华

Category: Healthcare、R&D

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