McDonald's New Distribution Center/McDonald Quanta Foods, Ltd.

At the time it was built, this wide-span structure of prestressed concrete with two floors above ground and one below was the largest distribution center for frozen and refrigerated food in the southeast Asia area.

The ground floor is eight meters high and contains 2,080 sq.m. of cold storage, 2,040 sq.m. of dry goods storage, and loading dock space for 15 container trucks. Receiving dock doors are attachable to container truck openings with a tight seal to achieve precision environmental control. The freezers maintain a -23 degree Celsius temperature while refrigeration chambers are kept at -4 degree Celsius, and a +8 degree Celsius preliminary temperature control area is provided at the receiving lobby.

The total floor area is 5,808 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$111,465,000, and it was completed in 1989.

Category: Logistics、Manufacturing

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